“A Living Room”


Sunday, October 13, 2013

How many people exhibited objects?


How many people came but did not bring objects?



Posted by Pop Up Museum Intern Lauren Benetua

What was it about?

This Pop Up Museum turned Living Room invited folks to bring whatever made them feel at home and hang out in an outdoor living room on West Cliff Drive. The pop up was held in collaboration with Santa Cruz Open Streets, which is a unique, free, and family-friendly event that temporarily blocks car traffic for people to bicycle, walk, and play through the closed street in a safe environment. People were able to build a room with no walls, meet new people, and check out other open street fun like Zumba, hula hooping, live music, food trucks, and resources for healthy and sustainable living.


How did it go?

Although it might seem weird to see a big red couch with pillows and blankets on the cliffs of the Pacific ocean - it was a great fit perfect for the Santa Cruz Open Streets Community Festival. With so much action going on, we wanted to offer a space where people could kick off their shoes, relax, chat, and essentially chill out.

Complete with goods such as cookies, board games, drawing and coloring tools, people quickly fell into home scenarios.  At one point in the morning we witnessed a whole play-date between school and daycare children where moms, dads, brothers and sisters sat together with coloring pens.  The scenes from a family living room were very typical - we had play time, relaxing time, time for bickering and fighting over coloring pens.  Our pop up museum felt the normal pulse of family life, except of course, we had a constant supply of Penny Ice Creamery next door, with live entertainment provided by Aerial Dancing.  Totally normal.  Outside by the cliff.  On a couch.

Later in the day, we continued to make art and learned about each other.  As we wrote or drew what makes us feel at home, from wanderer to established teacher, from babysitter to little rugrats, we often find more similarities than differences in our attitude towards 'home' - family, friends, food and fun. To see this all in action, check out pictures on our Flickr and Pop Up Museum Pinterest Page.


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