“Altered Books”


Saturday, May 18, 2013


Santa Cruz Public Library

How many people exhibited objects?


How many people came but did not bring objects?



Santa Cruz Public Library

Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History

What was it about?

Pop Up Museums can serve different functions, which are not necessarily mutually exclusive. They can be a platform for public conversation, a community storytelling space, a creative meet up for an intact group, and an ephemeral exhibit for artists. We had a Pop Up Museum on Altered Books last weekend at the Friend’s of Santa Cruz Public Library’s biannual book sale, providing a temporary display space for artists to display altered books. This pop up was done in collaboration with the Santa Cruz Public Libraries. View pictures from the event on MAH’s facebook album.


How did it go?

Placed amidst overflowing rows of for-sale library books, the Pop Up Museum prompted people to think about books in different ways. The library also offered an altered books workshop where people could fold old books, giving anyone the opportunity to have something to display.  View the altered books here. People enjoyed sharing their altered books, but displaying artwork at the pop up museum can be tricky. For one, pop ups are hands on museums. We don’t put things behind glass. We don’t have guards. This type of exhibit can lend itself to more intimate interactions, but it can also subject the art to potential damage.