Past Pop Ups

Explore past Pop Up Museums in Santa Cruz County and around the world. Add your story to this site by clicking “share your pop up museum” in the upper righthand corner. To see more artifacts from Santa Cruz County Pop Up Museums, check out our Pinterest page.

Citizens of the world

The main idea of citizens of the world was to show the different etnies of people who inhabited Bath. So the object to show was the human person itself. People from different parts of the wolrd were siting during 20 minutes sharing their stories with visitants and other participants. By sahring realizing we are not […]


There is a hat factory Šešir in our town which just stopped functioning. We wanted to have an event where people would socialise and share stories about their hats. We also wanted to honour hat making tradition in our town and celebrate the effects that woman / man made crafts have on our brain and […]


We created Object of My Affection: An Exhibit of All Kinds of Love to exhibit at the School of Art and Art History’s 2018 Art Bash. Art Bash is an annual open house event, where clubs and classes show off their work and interact with the community. We wanted to engage our community and create […]

Achievements Unlocked: Levels 1 + 2

At this year’s Student services showcase event The Guardian Scholars program was excited to collaborate with the MAH to host an “Achievements Unlocked” pop up. The Guardian Scholar Program supports current and former foster youth, we wanted a way to engage a larger student population at the welcome week event and thought a pop up […]

Trinkets and Tools: Items at our Desks

This Pop-Up museum was held so that the organizer could test out the logistics for a potential event in the fall that will be much larger. The goal of this pop-up museum was to allow staff members of the special collections library learn a bit more about each other. The prompt questions included: Is there […]

Smith Renaissance Society Collegiate Fellows and Former Foster Youth

At this year’s Chancellor’s Reception, an annual event hosted by the Smith Renaissance Society, a successful year was celebrated for this community. Honors were given to students, faculty, and volunteers of Smith that have either accomplished academic feats or have made Smith a more inclusive and worthy cross-generational community. Unique to this celebration, a Pop-Up exhibition was featured, consisting […]

“Immigrants Welcome!”

Coinciding with Immigrant Heritage Month, in which America’s diversity is celebrated across the United States, the Delaware Historical Society held its first ever Pop Up Museum with the theme “Immigrants Welcome.” The stories of immigration, cultural heritage, and family traditions are stories best shared which is why it was fitting to hold the event in […]

Homegrown Kitchen

This pop-up was a repeat theme for a community farmers’ market. The community association running the market wanted to have an option to engage families passing through the park and market, and reached out to MPM for a pop-up museum. Given the event and past success of the Homegrown Kitchen them, we repeated it for […]


We did this Pop-Up Museum in conjunction with our BioBlitz event, which had over 15 partner organizations taking a 24 hour survey of the species found in Grant Park. We themed the pop-up on conservation, asking participants to share stories, images, or objects of how they help conservation efforts.

Personal Collections

We did it as an attempt to personalize the museum for young children. We wanted to show them that they have collections just like the museum does and maybe that would get them more interested in the objects. We had it at the Mayborn Museum in Waco, Texas.

Homegrown Kitchen

As the third Pop-Up in our series, MPM wanted to keep reaching diverse audiences. Each theme we choose targets a different population within out community, although many overlap in some way. This theme was chosen to help celebrate local growing and making.

Cultural Foodways: How does food help preserve your cultural heritage?

The Milwaukee Public Museum (MPM) wants to expand our community reach by working outside of the museum’s walls, and by engaging the community in a way they haven’t been engaged with yet. Our main goal is to get members of the community involved in a different way. This was our second Pop-Up Museum. We chose […]

James Street State of Mind: downtown St. Catharines over the last 100 years

The St. Catharines Museum was excited to be invited to be part of the 2015 In the Soil Festival – a weekend-long arts festival that takes over our City’s downtown core. We hosted a pop-up museum on James Street at the Festival hub, which was part of our 2015 aMUSE: Sideshow series. This year, our […]

What does Milwaukee mean to you?

The Milwaukee Public Museum (MPM) wanted to expand our community reach by working outside of the museum’s walls, and by engaging the community in a way they hadn’t been engaged with yet. It was the first Pop Up Museum that MPM had done; we chose our theme because it was something everyone in the community […]

Cesar Chavez Student Center

The aim of the Pop Up Museum was to reach out to alumni who could share memories about their time at the Cesar Chavez Student Center, and learn about our recent merger with Associated Students. We also wanted to experiment with a new format of event that encouraged participant interactions. We had food and refreshments […]

Do you remember…?

In the art gallery of the National Museum Zadar there were two exhibitions , one about the past of the museum called “Back to the past” and the other black and white photographs of local famous photographer Ante Brkan of our town back in 50’s. The museum documentarist Natali Cop asked me to organize something […]

White Mountains

Pop Up Museum- White Mountains provided a venue for community members to share their love of New Hampshire’s White Mountains with each other by displaying personal objects. The event coincided with the Historical Society’s special exhibition “Canvassing the White Mountains: Icons of Place” which featured over 40 works of art portraying the White Mountains of […]


Pop Up Museum-Silver coincided with the Historical Society’s exhibition “Your Grandmother Trusted Wright’s”, the story of Wrights Silver Cream Company of Keene, NH. The program goals included bringing in new audiences to see the exhibit, to share stories about personal connections to silver objects, and to act as a social gathering place in the community.

What is something you do or make outside of work?

We wanted to try out a pop-up museum with the museum community. This was an opening event for the conference and it was a great way for people to start to get to know each other.

Polish All Souls’ Day

Chappell Hill has several different cultural groups. We wanted to reach out and be a resource to more of them. The Polish community used to be more involved with the Historical Society, and we wanted to renew the connections. St. Stanislaus Catholic Church is celebrating 125 years as well as 90 years in the current […]

Festival de Nopal

This Pop Up Museum, held in collaboration with the 5th annual Festival de Nopales invited people to bring your Nopales related history to life. Participants brought their stories, old tools, art pieces, and anything else nopal related that they wanted to be part of this community wide exhibition within the festival.

San Lorenzo River

What does the river mean to you? What changes would you like to see made?

Celebrating the Voyage

On boat explosions, airplane towing, and tsunami survivors.

Do it Together

Taking the DIY culture to the next level: DIT – Doing it Together. Awwww yeaaah.

My Medicine

How do you heal? What heals you? This Pop Up Museum explored the different ways we heal- from laughter to art, people to pills.

Missed Connections

This Pop Up Museum explored why we miss connections, where they go, and how we deal with the absence.

Revealing Secrets

Held in collaboration with Claraty Arts Studio and Gallery, this pop up invited participants to share their secrets through interactive exhibits during December’s First Friday.

Watsonville is in the Heart

The Pajaro Valley has served as an agricultural engine in Santa Cruz County for more than two centuries. This history includes California Indians and Mexican vaqueros, Irish wheat farmers and Chinese strawberry growers, Danish, Italian and  African American vegetable growers, Croatian orchardists and Spanish beet pickers, Portuguese grain farmers and Italian and Japanese truck farmers, Filipino lettuce […]


The theme was journey, but more specifically about travel abroad (and Latin America). Participants were invited to bring an object from a time abroad or a journey that could be displayed. Temporary labels were provided for participants to tell when and where the object was from as well as share a story about it. The […]

Drinking is in the Heart

on an over cast day, we Popped up fireside at the red to explore the fascinating history of drinking in Santa Cruz.

African American History is in the Heart

This Pop Up invited the community to bring African American History in Santa Cruz to life with stories and memorabilia.

A Living Room

This Pop Up Museum turned Living Room invited folks to bring whatever made them feel at home and hang out in an outdoor living room on West Cliff Drive.

The Wharf is in the Heart

This Pop Up Museum on the Santa Cruz Municipal Wharf celebrate the wharf’s 100 year anniversary where families, historians and travelers alike were invited tp share photos, artifacts, and stories.

Sketching Life

Held in collaboration with local artists Cynthia Armstrong and her urban crawl sketch art class, this pop up museum on Sketching Life invited all to explore our environment through artful observation and notation.

Chinatown is in the Heart

This pop explored the “hidden” history of Santa Cruz Chinese communities in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Surfing is in the Heart

Surfing has been cool for a long time. But the history of surfing in the Americas began in 1885, when three Hawaiian princes first surfed the mouth of the San Lorenzo River in Santa Cruz. Geoffrey Dunn and Kim Stoner, along with members of the Santa Cruz Surfing Club Society at the Santa Cruz  Surfing […]

Life Recipes

This Pop Up Museum held in collaboration with the Farmer’s Market, invited all to share life recipes, from favorite foods to ways of being in the world.

Book Arts

This Pop Up Museum on Book Arts, held in collaboration with Book Arts Santa Cruz (BASC) highlighted that books aren’t just for reading. We invited people to share their love for the artistry of books by bringing a book, book arts, book parts, or simply viewing the work by BASC.

Printmaking Plates

This Pop Up Museum on printmaking plates invited print makers of all kinds to bring in old printmaking plates and matrices and share the mysteries of their art and process with the community.

Lost and Found

We popped up at the Santa Cruz Mountain Arts Center to display objects that were lost and found. It is no secret that Santa Cruz county is full of funky knick-knacks and historical tid-bits. This Pop Up Museum encouraged folks to exhibit what they’ve found and the histories inside lost, forgotten, and found objects.

Lovely Bones

This Pop Up Museum on Lovely Bones was held collaboratively with art collective Carcassses and Companionship to explore the fragility of life and the vitality of death. People were invited to bring bones and display them along the art collective’s pieces, which featured artistic bone and remain art works.

Wild Things

This pop up museum on Wild Things invited people to share their wild side in an enchanting redwood grove. Participants were invited to bring something from the wild, or simply sing, dance, and act wild. Many participants not only sang, but made installations in the forest in Goldsworthy fashion.

Soap Box Derbies

This event was originally intended to complement the Museum’s new exhibit, “Building Champions to Meet Tomorrow’s Challenge: Soap Box Derbies in St. Catharines,” but the reunion took on a life of its own! Our goals were to celebrate the rich history of soap box derby racing in our community, provide a forum for past participants, […]

What’s in your Pockets?

Our Pop Up Pocket Museum welcomed visitors and exhibitors to share with us their everyday lives. Asking, “What do you carry in your pockets?”, and “What items do have with you on a normal basis?” allowed all passersby to be a part of our exhibition. Not everything that belongs in a museum collection has to […]


This event was the first in a new series called “aMUSE: Exhibits Unleashed,” one night only, pop-up museum experiences presented by the St. Catharines Museum & Welland Canals Centre. The goal of aMUSE is to get the Museum collection out into the community, while at the same time, inspiring stories and fuelling conversation. By using […]


From plants to people, we all grow in different ways. Taking place in a beautiful arboretum, this Pop Up Museum asked people to share what they grow and how they grow.

Building a Home

This pop up museum asked foster care survivors and social workers from the Youth Training Project to share the objects that helped them build a home for themselves. Their stories remind us their is no place like home, but that home is not just a place.

Altered Books

Altered Books invited people to exhibit a book altered in some way– painted, re-purposed, re-shaped– to explore the book as an object and artistic medium.

Her Story

Her Story invited people to share an object from or inspired by an important woman in their life. It was held during National Women’s History Month and on International Women’s Day.
Friday, March 8th, 2013

F my Ex

F my Ex invited people to share an object from or inspired by a failed relationship.
Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Vacation invited people to share items that reflected a story about a vacation.
Friday, May 18, 2012

Taking Risks

Taking Risks invited people to bring an object symbolizing a personal, professional, or physical risk taken in their life.
Friday, January 25, 2013

Objects of Conflict

We all fight, and we all fight over things. Objects of Conflict invited people to share an object that represented a personal or global conflict.
Friday, October 5, 2012


Homemade invited people to share a homemade object with others who make and appreciate homemade crafts.
Saturday, December 1, 2012