“Do it Together”


Saturday, February 22, 2014

How many people exhibited objects?


How many people came but did not bring objects?



The Hub

Santa Cruz MAH

Posted by Pop Up Museum Intern Lauren Benetua

What was it about?

of things- food, clothes, soap, you name it- but what do you make collaboratively?  This Pop Up Museum invited people to take their D.I.Y. practice to the next level with D.I.T. — Do It Together! We encouraged all to bring handmade and collaborative projects to share.

How did it go?

The Santa Cruz MAH popped up at the Hub on a bright,sunny afternoon.  The Hub, dubbed our city's Center for Sustainable Living, promotes and provides DIY resources from building bikes and computers, to harvesting fruit trees and salvaging textiles.  As a buzzing and activated community space, our collaboration with the Hub was a match made in heaven.  The courtyard was an ideal social gathering space where participants could share their DIY projects mad together under the guidance of the wonderful community resources that make up the Hub.

We had a grand time making art and radical crafts with People Power and Green Ways to School.  We learned about gardening, harvesting, preserving and cooking the food we grow right in our backyards with the Fruit Tree Project.  We got to see clothing, bags and accessories displayed at Fabrica.  We even got to read anarchist literature and expertly crafted zines over a cup of coffee at Subrosa.  Together, we had a blast.  Among our favorite Do it Together moments was when a young family strolled up and declared, "when we did it together, we got this!" and pointed to their newly born baby.  The laughing, dancing, art making and sustainable resources sharing were truly what brought us all together that day!


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