“Do you remember…?”


Friday, January 30, 2015


National Museum Zadar, Croatia http://nmz.hr/en/

How many people exhibited objects?


How many people came but did not bring objects?



The organizers were Koraljka Alavanja and National museum Zadar's documentarist Natali Cop.

What was it about?

In the art gallery of the National Museum Zadar there were two exhibitions , one about the past of the museum called “Back to the past” and the other black and white photographs of local famous photographer Ante Brkan of our town back in 50’s. The museum documentarist Natali Cop asked me to organize something to include peoples engagement with the museum in Museum Night. So I came to idea of Pop-up. The idea was to see how people see the past in our town, what do they remember, what do they miss… Till the opening of big malls few years ago people used to go for a walk in the Old town and was always the meeting place, now the Old town is almost empty, so we wanted for people to come back to the Old town, meet again, share their memories…

How did it go?

It went really great! People came, shares stories. The best was intergenerational communication. There were photographs of places, especially clubs that don't exist anymore, so there would always be group of young or children asking what was that and somebody older would drop in and say like. "Oooh, when we were young..." It was very


It was documented with other exhibitions https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.894541847264493.1073741962.164933686891983&type=3