“F my Ex”


Wednesday, February 13, 2013


The Red Room, 200 Locust Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

How many people exhibited objects?


How many people came but did not bring objects?

roughly 40


What was it about?

Inspired by the Museum of Broken Relationships, we wanted to throw a Pop Up that got at the raw, emotional pain of heartbreak. Oftentimes we don’t know what to do with ourselves, let alone the objects that are left behind. This Pop Up, entitled “F my Ex”, explored the various ways in which we cope with failed relationships. We invited participants to bring objects that reminded them of their ex, encouraging them to confront and reclaim the physical leftovers of their past by sharing them with others.

How did it go?

The Pop Up was a huge success!  The Red, a bar popular amongst college students and young adults, quickly became a space for members of the community to share relationship stories. Some people didn't bring something to display but still shared a story on a label, so the display areas soon became filled with narratives both accompanied and unaccompanied by objects. Some people outlined tales of betrayal; others joked about the ridiculousness of their breakup. Rather than being depressing, the atmosphere was empowering and social. As the Museum of Broken Relationships put it,

"Our societies oblige us with our marriages, funerals, and even graduation farewells, but deny us any formal recognition of the demise of a relationship, despite its strong emotional effect."

In more ways than one, this exhibition represented the emotional baggage that is left in the wake of a failed relationship. Verified by the amount of personal items left behind by their owners, 'F my Ex' presented  an opportunity to move forward.


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