“Festival de Nopal”


Sunday, July 27, 2014

How many people exhibited objects?


How many people came but did not bring objects?



Festival de Nopal Organizing Committee

Santa Cruz MAH

What was it about?

This Pop Up Museum, held in collaboration with the 5th annual Festival de Nopales invited people to bring your Nopales related history to life. Participants brought their stories, old tools, art pieces, and anything else nopal related that they wanted to be part of this community wide exhibition within the festival.

How did it go?

The 5th Annual Festival de Nopal happened on July 27th 2014 in the Farmers Market parking lot in Downtown Santa Cruz.  It featured music, performances, delicious food and of course a Pop Up Museum themed around the festival.  We partnered with the festival organizing committee and invited them to bring something that reminded them of the festival and its history.  Items included a flyer from the first festival, arts and crafts produced by some of the exhibitors, actual living nopal plants, and different t-shirts from past festivals.  Over the course of the day, our Pop Up Museum had almost 200 people that stopped by to observe the displayed objects and we worked with 8 different people to exhibit their items.  People appreciated the historical aspect of the festival and many an unexpected conversation happened with the objects being the spark that ignited said conversations.  All in all, a very successful Pop Up Museum.



Festival De Nopal Website

Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History