Sunday, June 2, 2013


UCSC Arboretum, 1156 High Street, University of California, Santa Cruz, CA 95064

How many people exhibited objects?


How many people came but did not bring objects?



UCSC Arboretum

Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History

What was it about?

The MAH and the UCSC Arboretum collaborated on a pop up exhibit where people were invited to bring an object representing their idea of growth. The Pop Up Museum took place in the Australian garden at the UCSC Arboretum and was complimented by an optional garden tour.

How did it go?

This Pop Up Museum was magical. Taking place amongst the arboretum's growing greenery, buzzing humming birds, and spring sunshine, it felt delightfully whimsical. It just so happened that a field sketching class was taking place at the same time as the pop up museum, so students from the class came and displayed their jounral sketches. Other exhibitors brought plants, a collection of accorns, and personal trinckets representing their idea of growth. One woman even displayed dead plants and talked about the importance of "rest" and "fall" and that we need death to make room for new life.