“Homegrown Kitchen”


Thursday, September 1, 2016


Jackson Park Farmers' Market;

How many people exhibited objects?

9 (not all exhibited objects, many exhibited drawings)

How many people came but did not bring objects?



Milwaukee Public Museum (www.mpm.edu) and the Jackson Park Community Association (http://jacksonpark.us/)

Posted by Margaret James, Milwaukee Public Museum Educator

What was it about?

This pop-up was a repeat theme for a community farmers’ market. The community association running the market wanted to have an option to engage families passing through the park and market, and reached out to MPM for a pop-up museum. Given the event and past success of the Homegrown Kitchen them, we repeated it for a different audience.

How did it go?

This pop-up was part of a smaller event and thus had a lower turnout than others we've hosted, but all the interactions that took place were deep, meaningful, and a great representation of the neighborhood community.