Friday, February 9, 2018


University of Florida, Fine Arts Complex 101 Fine Arts Bldg C, Gainesville, FL 32611

How many people exhibited objects?

22 people submitted objects for the popup museum

How many people came but did not bring objects?



Coral Dixon (coraldixon.com), Lynea Wilson, Kristin Conwill - We Love Museums club leadership (main organizers)
Contributors from We Love Museums club at the University of Florida: Maddie Collins, Imani Lee, Mara Reynolds, Brittany Mistretta, Summer Bias, Noelle Ward

Posted by Coral Dixon

What was it about?

We created Object of My Affection: An Exhibit of All Kinds of Love to exhibit at the School of Art and Art History’s 2018 Art Bash. Art Bash is an annual open house event, where clubs and classes show off their work and interact with the community. We wanted to engage our community and create an exhibit that would bring our people together. We asked people to submit objects related to all kinds of relationships – from high school sweethearts to best friends. Everyone has had some kind of relationship, so visitors could see themselves reflected in the exhibit. Read more here: https://arts.ufl.edu/in-the-loop/news/object-of-my-affection/

How did it go?

It was great! Each club member contributed their own unique skill, whether that be shelf-building, label-writing, or sign-crafting. Through the submissions we received, it was clear that people wanted to be a part of the exhibit, and that they appreciated the chance to tell their story. At Art Bash, a diverse group was in attendance, including faculty, staff, students, and local families. People viewed the exhibit throughout the night; reading, laughing, or conversing with others about the objects. We were really excited to see that people were talking in the exhibition space.


You can read more about the exhibit here: https://arts.ufl.edu/in-the-loop/news/object-of-my-affection/