“The Wharf is in the Heart”


Saturday, October 12, 2013

How many people exhibited objects?


How many people came but did not bring objects?



Posted by Pop Up Museum Intern Lauren Benetua

What was it about?

Last week, we held a Pop Up Museum on the Santa Cruz Municipal Wharf to celebrate its 100 year anniversary. This community-wide celebration invited families, historians and travelers alike to share photos, artifacts, and stories. Historian and Writer  Geoffrey Dunn and Santa Cruz Mayor Hilary Bryant kicked it off with photographs and speeches.

How did it go?

For the Santa Cruz wharf's 100 year anniversary, the Santa Cruz MAH created a Pop Up Museum that invited everyone to share in the wonderful wharf history. Historian Geoffrey Dunn, Kim Stoner and Lisa McGuinnis brought historic photos from 1914.  The community came together and exhibited family history along the wharf, whether related to fishing, bartending, or vending.

The wharf's dining businesses has been a community mainstay for generations.  One woman shared her story of how she met her husband when she was 13.  She used to wait tables at Stagnaros, and an attractive, slightly older fisherman stole her heart away. They have been married ever since.

The amount of sharing, excitement and happiness was infinite.  The photographs on display from the community told of a warm history and fond memories of Santa Cruz from families who have lived here for generations, others who have consistently vacationed here, and some that are new to the area.  The event was oozing with stories and unexpected connections.  When a woman makes it a point to stop us and say, "Thanks for doing this.  This is a part of me." we know and feel that we're on the right track with our Pop Up Museums.



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