Saturday, December 1, 2012


The Fabrica and the Bike Church, 703 Pacific Avenue Santa Cruz, CA 95060

How many people exhibited objects?


How many people came but did not bring objects?

roughly 15-20 people


What was it about?

We held this Pop Up Museum as a way to form community amongst people who make and appreciate homemade crafts. The stories sewn inside a handmade sweater can be just as valuable as the threads that weave the garment together, so in addition to exhibiting objects, we also wanted to provide a social space for sharing stories and craft techniques.

Our goal was for people to share their stories, show off their homemade objects, learn from one another, and HAVE FUN!

How did it go?

This Pop Up was a huge success! The youngest participant was 4 yrs old and the eldest 91 yrs old! That's quite a range. People brought homemade ornaments, stuffed animals, Irish weapons, purses, clothes, quilts...it was truly inspiring. A few visitors mentioned they had been wanting to check out the Fabrica and the Bike Church and that this Pop Up Museum encouraged them to do so. In order to illustrate the mood, here are a few quotes from the Pop Up Museum's participants:

"I enjoyed seeing all the different things that people can do by themselves."

"I just like to see anything anybody made, because you seem to understand a person when you see how they envision things."

"I just love that this [pop up museum] is very inclusive. You can touch everything. And I love that you write [the labels] cause sometimes you look at art and you’re like, “What was the person thinking?” And they say what it is and you’re like “Huh.” Everyone’s
descriptions in their own words is very accessible.

"I loved meeting the people who made the project and having them explain how they came across or
made it themselves."


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