A Simple Guide on How to Catch a WhatsApp Cheater

whatsapp cheating

There are few things that hurt more than betrayal — especially from someone you hold dear to you. But you can make it easier to bear by bringing it to a quick end. Perhaps avoiding the hurt is a good enough reason to risk breaking their trust to keep tabs on them in secret.

If your husband is cheating on you, he’s most likely using his social media apps like WhatsApp because they’re the most secure, convenient channel of communication for cheaters. If you’ve been wondering, ‘Is WhatsApp used for cheating?’ since it isn’t a dating app, it may surprise you to learn that some 61% of cheaters use ‘sexting’ for their secret affairs, and some 41% use social media apps like WhatsApp.

We’ve put together this straightforward guide on how to catch a cheating husband on WhatsApp without getting caught.

Signs That Show Your Partner Uses WhatsApp For Cheating

To be clear, we’re not here to encourage you to go on a spying whim. You need to have a solid reason to learn how to use a catch him cheating app. It’s best not to risk getting caught if you don’t have a solid reason that can help you plead your cause in the event where your cover is blown.

However, here are some of the strongest reasons why you should seriously consider learning how to track a cheating spouse and read WhatsApp texts:

They Changed Their Phone Passwords

Passwords are essential for protecting phones — but not from a loved one with whom you’re supposed to share everything. If your spouse suddenly changes the password to their phone and refuses to share the new password with you, there’s definitely something they’re hiding there that they don’t want you to see. Could it be cheating through WhatsApp messages? 

Your Husband Deletes His WhatsApp Messages

If he realizes that restricting access to his phone may sound suspicious, he may resort to deleting his messages. With WhatsApp messages, you can see entries of deleted messages on his chat screen. If you find too many of these deleted message notifications on his WhatsApp chats, he’s most likely deleting the messages for reasons other than grammatical errors or any typos. There might be some damning content that he’s probably trying to keep secret. 

Unusual Changes on WhatsApp Habits

Has he been doing things on WhatsApp recently that seem quite weird? Like chatting with people whose names are stored in weird symbols or aliases, or chatting only in emojis or code words? Perhaps you need to look closely into what he’s really up to with all the funny contact names and symbolic messages.

Top 3 Spy Apps to Catch a Cheating Husband on WhatsApp

These unusual phone activities are indeed disturbing. However, some top-notch spy apps can help you bypass phone locks, track messages, discover the real identities of contacts with funny names, and decipher cryptic messages. Here are the 3 best apps to find out if your spouse is cheating:


mspy whatsapp feature

mSpy lays bare all the details of your spouse’s WhatsApp activities right on a neat, straightforward user interface. The app enables seamless, effortless spying, with simple requirements for installing and running it.

You can get everything done from start to finish without breaking a sweat — you only need a brief moment to install it on the target phone. Once installed, it vanishes into the background of the target phone, where it can operate without a trace.

mSpy captures every bit of data registered on the target’s WhatsApp account and then logs them on a remote server which you can easily access anytime, anywhere through your web dashboard.

So, whenever you want to see what your husband is up to on WhatsApp, you can log into your dashboard and find details of his activities in neat categories, from private messages to group chats, shared multimedia files, plus a lot more.

Note that you need to root or jailbreak his phone to use most of these spy features. But you can still get to track quite a lot with the remote screenshot feature, which works without rooting or jailbreaking. You can take screenshots of his phone remotely while he’s using his WhatsApp account. 



SpyBubble also presents a wide array of features on an intuitive user interface to help you catch a WhatsApp cheater. You don’t need to have an advanced level of technical skills to set up and use the app. And your husband will never find out about your spying activities because the app doesn’t leave any trace of its operations behind in the target app.

You’ll get to view all your husband’s moves on WhatsApp, including the friends he keeps, the conversation he engages in, and the groups he belongs to. You can even track deleted messages because the app gets to keep a copy of his messages — even if he deletes them, you’ll still find them on your dashboard. 


Hoverwatch app

Hoverwatch also enables you to spy on a cheating spouse comprehensively and in total stealth. You can literally keep the keys to his WhatsApp account in your pocket — just take out your smartphone and scroll through his list of WhatsApp activities whenever you want to.

You’ll get to read his private messages, group chats, profile updates, etc. What’s more? You’ll also get to see his entire friends list and the files he shares.

Furthermore, Hoverwatch also gives you control over and not just access to your spouse’s WhatsApp account. For instance, you can block certain users from sending him messages to nib a potential affair in the bud.

How to Find Out If Your Boyfriend Is Cheating on WhatsApp With mSpy?

mSpy is the best app to catch a cheater because it enables you to track your boyfriend like a pro, even if you’ve never spied on someone before. It makes the job of spying as easy as pie when it comes to how to catch someone cheating with their cell phone. mSpy comes with handy WhatsApp features to reveal all your target’s secrets.

  • Call tracker. Find out about all the WhatsApp calls he makes or receives.
  • Contact list. You’ll get to view all his friends and groups.
  • Message tracker. View all his incoming and outgoing messages from private chats to group chats, including those he deletes.
  • File tracker. You can also get to see all the files he uploads and downloads on his WhatsApp.
  • Screenshots. mSpy also captures screenshots of his phone when he’s using WhatsApp — a rare advanced feature you can hardly find in any other app.

How to Install a Spy App on The Target Phone?

If you wonder how to catch a cheating wife on WhatsApp, spy apps like mSpy, your best solution. It only takes a brief moment to set up mSpy. After that, you can get access to details of all your target’s WhatsApp activities whenever you want to.

Step 1. Create the mSpy Account

Visit the mSpy official website on your web browser, and then take a moment to sign up for an account.

Step 2. Purchase the Spy App

After that, you’ll be taken to a page where you can choose an ideal subscription plan. Once you complete the purchase, you’ll be sent an email containing instructions for setting up the app.

Step 3. Take Your Spouse’s Phone

You need to grab your boyfriend’s phone for a moment to install the app, following the instructions in your confirmation email. You can bypass this step and set up the app on your target phone remotely if it’s an iPhone.

Step 4. Follow the Installation Instruction in Your Confirmation Email

You’ll be required to open a given link on your target’s Android phone or to enter your target’s iCloud credentials to set up the app’s operations on the target phone. If you run into any major challenge during the installation, mSpy’s technical support team is always a heartbeat away to assist you. They’ll provide you with quick responses 24/7.

Step 5. Receive Info From WhatsApp Account to Your Dashboard

Voilà! Once you’ve set up the app on the target phone, you can then flip open your phone anytime, anywhere to go through details of his WhatsApp activities. 

Final Thoughts 

That’s all it takes to stay in the loop of your spouse’s WhatsApp activities. Now you can worry less about how to find out if your boyfriend is cheating on WhatsApp and more about how to deal with anything you may find.

If you find anything damning, it’s always advisable to try talking things out with them rather than making drastic decisions. Think things through carefully, or talk to a relationship counselor or family and friends. But avoid making brash decisions on your own.

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