“Wild Things”


Thursday, August 2, 2018


Happy Valley Conference Center, 2159 Branciforte Dr, Santa Cruz, 95065, United States

How many people exhibited objects?


How many people came but did not bring objects?



What was it about?

This pop up museum on Wild Things invited people to share their wild side in an enchanting redwood grove. The Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History  collaborated with Wild Noise Summer Art Camp, inviting people to bring something from the wild, or simply sing, dance, and act wild. Many participants not only shared stories, but made installations in the forest in Goldsworthy fashion. The Pop Up Museum was nested in the redwood forest of the Santa Cruz Happy Valley Mountains, with art hanging from trees and live folk music.

How did it go?

This Pop Up Museum was magical. Why?

1) It was held in the Santa Cruz  Happy Valley Forest, among  aging redwoods, rich greenery, bright wild flowers, and a flowing river.

2) The Pacific Cookie Company donated a surplus of freshly baked cookies.

3) Strangers came together and sang with one another.

4) The "museum" fused with the forest, blurring the lines between art and environment, museum and landscape.

5) People made installations with the natural surroundings around them,  using leaves, stones, flowers, branches, dirt, deceased animals, twigs, seeds, and the light of the forest to turn the grove into a green, growing gallery.

5) People shared stories.

This pop  up museum on Wild Things was extremely affected by it's environment. A pop up can be anywhere, allowing it's context to really shape the content and stories exhibited. But this pop up took the idea to a next level, and turned the Pop Up Museum itself into an alternative installation within a beautiful redwood grove. Instead of simply bringing objects to display, participants actively made work during the "museum" turning the museum itself into an ongoing, communal installation.


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